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Paint the town red
Part 1 of 2
I love the color red - mainly because it suits me!  However, red is not that popular as a jewelry color. So it gave me great pleasure to see these two workshop pieces.

The first one is by Sharon who chose a large faceted glass bead as her focal. Most people would have put just one metal bead between the glass ones. However, notice she not only placed 2 metal beads as spacers but she alternated different shapes, too. By doing so, her design became just that bit more distinctive.

Pat approached her red beaded bracelet differently. She opted for the one metal bead spacer scheme but she livened it up with alternate flower beads.  Her focal was a silver tone bead - the lone silver one among all the other other gold tone beads. A very personal touch!

Beader Designs : 611-612

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  1. Nice, but I have to disagree on red not being popular as a jewelry color. Red coral is probably one of the most popular ”gemstones“ in the world!

  2. Very nice pieces. I like red as well, but have to admit that I make very little red jewelry. I think I saw a tutorial (on one of the beading magazine sites) on using a netting technique to encase a cabochon.

  3. I keep coming back to check out your tutorials lol, i will try to make something like this as soon as i make a break from my own work :)


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