Many artisans make tiaras. In fact, so many do such beautiful creations, it was hard to pick. So I chose based on historical time periods and iconic styles which were clearly the inspirations behind these designs.

This drop dead gorgeous piece with sterling silver, rock crystal and Swarovski crystals is actually called the Renaissance Tiara. It's deliberately designed such that it can be worn as a tiara or inverted and worn as a circlet. The artisan is Annick Ebersole of Anique Designs on Etsy who finds her inspiration in Renaissance and Victorian designs.

If you look closely at the tiara below, would you have guessed it's made from clock hands? That qualifies this design as steampunk. But the black also suggests its Gothic. That's why the  artisan behind EJPCreations describes The Queen of Hearts Royal Whim tiara as gothic and neo-Victorian.

With a name like Rivendell Spring Peacock Fan tiara, you know this is Lord of the Rings inspired! The artisan is Thyme2dream who is inspired by fantasy, medieval and Renaissance styles.  I featured her elven earrings before.

The Simply Ivy Bridal tiara in sterling silver and brass by Elnara Niall is absolutely gorgeous. A marquise cut cubic zirconia is the focal on the leaf in the front. The style of the tiara could be described not just as medieval but Celtic and elven too.  In medieval times, both men and women wore the circlet styles although the men tended to save the jewelry for feast days.

Art Deco
The dramatic angular lines of this design is what gives it the art deco look. The Dynamic Deco Tiara is by Josephine1980 who hand wove hundreds of Swarovski crystals and silver beads.

I like how Acpetrille described her Drusilla tiara - "where the world of shadow meets magic and beauty".  Her gothic inspired headpiece uses black and ivory colored acrylic cameos as well as marcasite, garnet and Swarovski crystals and pearls.

The Queen Anne Boleyn tiara by Dragonpipes has another name - "Off with her head but leave the crown"! This artisan loves "making jewelry that takes us back in time." I discovered reading her profile that she and I share a common interest - British history!

You know how I love butterflies (see my past post on wire work butterfly jewelry) so I was totally charmed with the Botanist Floral Wire tiara which was created by Whichgoose.

I wouldn't have thought stained glass could go hand in hand with tiara designs. But there is such a thing. The lovely stained glass tiara is by Lunartique.

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