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Tutorials : How to Make a Bead and Wire Tiara

Tiaras are traditionally a type of crown, worn by royalty and the pope. Long ago, the tiara was more like a cone.

Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara (picture source no longer available
But in more recent times, the tiara became semi-circular as the Cambridge Lover's knot tiara above, once worn by Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

Did you know some tiaras can be converted into necklaces? Those designs (see example below) were made so the main portion of the tiara could be detached from the headband, inverted and worn as a necklace.

Diamond and Pearl Convertible Tiara/Necklace
Picture source

If you'd like to make a convertible tiara don't start with with ready made headbands. Make the tiara base out of wire (twist together some wire lengths if the wire is not thick enough) with loops on either end. That way, you can attach chains with a clasp to wear the tiara as the focal part of a necklace.

So if you are game to make a tiara for a bride, ballerina or a little princess, check out these wire and bead tutorials.

One of the most prolific designers on Cut Out and Keep are those from Beads Unlimited. Their clematis tiara tutorial is simply delightful!

Another is their fun fireworks inspired creation which is a riot of blues and red.. They used a silver plated tiara base.

Beads Unlimited also have a lovely delicate bridal tiara tutorial. The tiara band is adorned with pearls and Swarovski crystals.

The Princess tiara tutorial by Can't Stop Making Things projects understated elegance and charm. You can still have a tiara without it being too over the top.  This craft idea is inexpensive starting from a dollar store headband, Christmas beaded trim and pearls.

A little more involved is the La Savia tiara tutorial. I do like how creamy buff colored pearls are used.

Threadbanger's make a tiara video tutorial is as they said, for your inner princess. As the instructor says, you could do loads of variations. For more ideas, check out this page from the Little Beader.

Lizwb on eHow has a different approach. The wire structure is created first. Rhinestones or crystals are then glued onto the wire frame as seen below.

Tiny tiaras for Barbie dolls Don't forget Barbie!! Garden of Imagination has a number of doll sized tiaras you could make out of wire and seed beads. Small crystals can be used to. Shown here is  her video tutorial.

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  1. Lovely photos of your beadwork. Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I am actually looking for this because my daughter would act as a little princess in a school play. Glad that I found your blog. =)

  3. Love these tutorials, especially the one that can be converted to a necklace and the Barbie tiara. How cute.

  4. Great tiara tutorials Pearl...I've embellished hair pins & combs but these look lovely!!! Will check them out...thanks!


  5. I'm curious about the convertible tiaras, but the links don't seem to be working. Can you check them? Love the post.

  6. My apologies about that broken link. It has been corrected!

  7. The link for the convertible tiara is currently a website devoted to making jewelry with crests. Not a single tiara to be found. :P

  8. Yup. That link is now gone for this old post. Thanks for letting me know. But I hope the blog description will help you envision the idea.

  9. Hi 2016 now and really enjoyed your post. I read it a few days ago and already made a beautiful *(or pretty good first time effort) pearl tiara for a friend's wedding. Thanks so much

    1. That's so wonderful to hear. Older posts are evergreen. I am sure your friend looked beautiful in her pearl tiara!


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