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Would you pay $3.2 million for a dog collar?

I know what your answer would be. No. You wouldn't pay that but yet, there are people out there with oodles of money who wouldn't hesitate to spend serious money on their pampered pooches.

The world's most expensive dog collar is this design called Amour,Amour - rightly named because the owner has to love his or her dog to distraction to drop $3.2 million for a diamond collar.

Over 1600 carats of diamonds set in 18K white gold and platinum with one stunning 7 carat brilliant cut diamond as the main focal. The back of the collar is crocodile leather. It's an exquisite design crafted by master jewelers from New York.

Other luxury dog collars from La Collection de Bijoux are also available from the ILoveDogsDiamonds company. After writing this post and a past article about a dog's $4.5 million tiara, I am utterly convinced the phrase "it's a dog's life" should be thrown out!


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  1. I think I still want to come back as a cat the next time - they have the life. My two cats sleep most of the day except to eat. Even though they don't have diamond collars, they have a great life.

  2. Cute dogs...gorgeous collars!!! My daughter is trying to get me to make dog collars...:0)not like these of course but with a bit of bling on them!!!


  3. o man makes me want to get into the pet collar business too! those collars looks like beautiful chokers i wouldnt mind wearing one :)

  4. LOL! I like them too....on humans!

  5. I admit they are beautiful! But I have to wonder how out of touch with what is going on out in the world people must be who would spend their money on things like that.

  6. Funny you blogged about this. My aunt-in-law got a papillion (sp?) dog and I offered to make her a crystal dog collar. She said her husband was going to buy the dog a diamond collar -only the best for their little Chloe! The little dog is adorable but I'd be afraid of the collar coming off! To date...I don't think he got it yet. :-)

  7. I've often wondered about the mentality of people who go over board on their beloved pets. True they receive a lot of comfort and affection from little Gaylord but the fact remains that Gaylord is going to love them unconditionally regards if he's wearing real diamonds or dime store rhinestones.

    The designs of these collars are to die for and if I had millions to spend on bling I'd definitely purchase that very last collar in your post...but not for dearest doggie, it would be mine!

  8. How cute. You might be astonished by my answer, but YES I WOULD pay this much for my beautiful little dog named Jessy. She means soooooo much to me that I would do anything for her. I love her very much, so, yes, you know my answer.✨✨✨🎗🎗💗


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