I know what your answer would be. No. You wouldn't pay that but yet, there are people out there with oodles of money who wouldn't hesitate to spend serious money on their pampered pooches.

The world's most expensive dog collar is this design called Amour,Amour - rightly named because the owner has to love his or her dog to distraction to drop $3.2 million for a diamond collar.

Over 1600 carats of diamonds set in 18K white gold and platinum with one stunning 7 carat brilliant cut diamond as the main focal. The back of the collar is crocodile leather. It's an exquisite design crafted by master jewelers from New York.

Other luxury dog collars from La Collection de Bijoux are also available from the ILoveDogsDiamonds company. After writing this post and a past article about a dog's $4.5 million tiara, I am utterly convinced the phrase "it's a dog's life" should be thrown out!


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