You want glamor? Nothing beats luxury like gold, the choice of kings and the powerful through the ages. It's also a solid investment.

Just ask Hang Fung jewelers of Hong Kong. A couple of years ago, they installed a gold palace in their showroom which included a gilded bathroom complete with a golden toilet! The bathroom and toilet are in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive ever.

The plan was to melt 1 ton of that gold once the price of gold hit the $1000 ceiling which it has. However, they've spared the gold toilet because it has been quite the tourist draw. As you can see from this video, people actually paid the jeweler HK$20 to get their picture taken on the "throne"! Now that is what I call a gold mine!

Okay. The above example may have been a publicity gimmick . However, there are a couple of golden luxury available for bathrooms if you have the money.  The Regio Gold Toilet at $40,000, costs a lot less than the one above. Given the price tag, it also includes some extra features such as built-in sound system, automatic flusher and antibacterial properties.  Two are currently on display at the Japan Industry Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo until October.

The Italian tile company Mosaico's Doro collection features square tiles which are 24K gold leaf combined with other precious metal alloys.

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