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How Many Earrings Can a Beader Make in an Afternoon?

Most of the women who make multiple earrings at our workshop do so over several workshops or limit themselves to 1-2 pairs per session. But Donna came on a mission one afternoon and blitzed her way through 6 pairs! She used a mix of metals and really pretty beads from Debbie's (Widget's Beads) collection.This is a record in all the years we have been doing workshops and parties.

I'm sure artisans out there could do more especially when desperately trying to meet a craft show deadline. However, Donna is relatively new to jewelry making. So good job for coming up with so many designs without running out of steam!

Beader designs # : 619 - 624

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  1. Nice going, Donna! Bead on!

  2. nice work Donna...Takes me back to couple of days before my first exhibition when I made around 25 pairs in a single afternoon :)


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