I recently came across a very useful free site called Photovisi. It's a super easy online tool to make photo collages. All you have to do is upload your photos. There are different templates to choose from - the photo shapes range from hearts, squares, rectangles, framed circles and ovals. Shown here is the all square pictures of some of my designs on Etsy. Once uploaded, you can then download the image to your computer.

If you are a scrapbooker, you will immediately see the benefit of this. Jewelry artisans can also use the photo collages for promotional items like flyers and banners. For the latter, you just stop at the top row of the above template and save.

The site makes money if you choose to print the image onto a product - like magnets, postcards, posters, mugs and mouse pads. Bulk pricing brings down cost. For some reason, I could not personalize the photo collage for a product probably due to a bug.

What is different about this site is the sheer range of products. US readers can order up a US postage stamp using your designs from this site. Here is my Swarovski wire star design from Etsy masquerading as a US stamp. (Canadian readers can also do the same through Canada post. Details here.). Think of the possibilities - sending out custom stamps for clients or more personal ones for family and friends.

If you check out their sister site, Zazzle,  you can get images onto even more products like clothing - even pet clothing, bags, business cards even shoes. Zazzle also lets you set up a free store to sell your custom imaged products.

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