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You can't get any more masculine than paracord jewelry. You could make bracelets. I really like the Paracord watch strap tutorial by Stormdrane on Instructables. The how to is easy. The technique he uses is called "weaving with three warps". If you omit the watch, you'll have a paracord bracelet for the man in your life!

His tutorial also includes tips on  prewashing the paracord to make allowances for shrinkage and how to clean it.  Check out Stormdrane's blog for more inspiration and  knotting resources.

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  1. Very cool! I'd love more posts on men's jewelry.

  2. I will try and hunt down some but they are not that common!

  3. Once you cut the lengths of paracord, the inner strands are easily pulled from the outer sheath. If you have a longer length, you just have to inchworm it out, pull some, slide the sheath down, pull some more...

  4. You may have to rely on different suppliers to get all the colors you need. I googled and got a couple of suggestions :

  5. Thanks for the tip on keeping the inner strands put.


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