Some eco jewelry artisans are just outstanding. They make lovely jewelry out of stuff we throw away. I've featured some in my past post Jewelry from Recycled Plastic Bags before. Here are a couple more artisans I much admire who make gorgeous jewelry from humble plastic grocery bags.

Emily Grace and the Yellow Suitcase (link no longer available
Emily is a San Diego based artisan who truly delivers on the challenge of making something beautiful from trash. The petals of her Triple Orchid necklace shown above were made from pink bubble wrap fused over pewter colored shopping bags which were then hand stitched to metal.

True to her recycle and reuse ideals, Emily made this lovely Lily Necklace with her signature fused plastic bag flower adding beads from old jewelry.  Her cranberry and pink earrings were inspired by peacock feathers.

Cynthia Del Guidice
This Argentinian artisan transforms plastic bags into understated beauties!

She fuses pieces of plastic bags into free form shapes to resemble flowers. Below left are the matching earrings for the necklace shown above.

Cynthia is also an accomplished metal smith so check out her store as well as her blog for her latest news.

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