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The teardrop is a beautiful shape to use in jewelry making. It's less boring than a circle and exudes class.  So here are several tutorials using different techniques to celebrate this favorite. Also check my past post on how to make and wire wrap briolette earrings. Briolettes are after all teardrop shaped!

Aussie Sooz of Divajools posted her awesome tear drop shaped Peruvian or string art woven earrings/ pendant tutorial (Update : link no longer available). This tutorial is a static one. If you prefer to see a video link, check out my past post on String Art Pendant tutorial.  My pendant version is finished differently at the top to hide the wire wrapping and string ties. I must say the coiled cones are neater.

Monica Bergeron's paper quilled teardrop earrings tutorial was posted on Giddy Greetings including an embedded video. I've featured gorgeous paper quilled filigree pendants tutorials before.  These earrings though are easier.

Here are two more of Monica's inspirational designs which she kindly emailed to me : used not one but 3 glass teardrop beads for their blue sapphire teardrop necklace tutorial (Update : link no longer available)

Beading Daily has a lovely wire work earrings tutorial called Summer Cheer (link no longer available). The designer used bought teardrop findings.  But you can easily make yourself a wire one. Just wrap some wire around something round but instead of forming a circle, finish the wire wrapping higher. For a basic tutorial on how to form and wrap around a shape, check out my past post on how to make a tree of life pendant.

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  1. Great post and beautiful designs. I can't get the link to the quilled paper earring to work.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Willi. I hate when Blogger does that to me. I have corrected the link.

  3. Great tutorials as always, Pearl!
    Now that I have finished my commissioned work I can start looking at other things to make! (grin)
    Oh wait! Not this week! I have my son's birthday party to plan! uh-uh!

    Next week is mine! Mwahahahah!


  4. Go for it Cris! Got to grab the opportunity when you can.

  5. LOL
    I'm not the anxious type of person, I take everything one step at a time and keep cool, most of the times. I know I'll get there, I just need to exercise some of my proverbial patience. :)

    Thanks for you comment on my blog. I'm always happy to have you visit! And about the dual language... I can also speak and understand french... Well, I understand it much better than I speak, but I think that's because my mind thinks in english!


  6. I do hope that beginners find my blog helpful and relieves their frustration!


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