Oddstitch on Etsy makes exquisite art jewelry. The jewels in her collection though are her own hand embroidered work. She says, "Each one takes me several hours of careful and finicky stitching, bouts of muttering, and being occasionally stabbed by needles." It's clearly a labor of love. The result is truly lovely and unique.

She also has a way with words when describing her passion. "Every stitch matters. Everything I make I love; to me they are like little jewels. Each one is my minute symphony to pretty, to beauty, and my never ceasing desperate attempt at PURE - TINY - LOVELY." This is surely the sign of a true artisan.

One design I particularly liked was her Bling, or, The Pendant Mocks a Necklace, or Embroidered Irony. This tongue-in-cheek pendant design reinforces her dislike for "real jewelry". It also shows the meticulous work she does.

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