You know how sometimes you just get into a design groove and stay there for a while? Well, that's what happened to Sue at a beading party. She got into a blue mood and made several pieces featuring lapis lazuli and sodalite.


You can easily tell these gemstones apart.  Lapis lazuli has "gold" (iron pyrite or fool's gold) flecks whereas sodalite does not. The former is more expensive than the latter. Check out my past post and find out why lapis lazuli was once The Twice Precious Gemstone.

The above lapis lazuli necklace includes a large silver foil focal bead. Sue contrasted the blue with more white natural and glass pearls as well as metal and other small silver lined beads. Then she had to have earrings to match.  These are the elven or elvish style. (Check out this past post for the tutorial).

Her sodalite set consisted of a double holed tile bracelet and earrings to match!  Awesome sets, Sue!

Beader design #: 625-628

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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