Making a bib necklace takes time. So the easiest way to finish the rest of the necklace is to use chain. The resulting designs will look trendy and look like it cost a lot!  Check out these latest chain and bib tutorials from amazing DIY artisans on Cut Out and Keep who make and share.

This absolutely stunning pearl and chain bib necklace tutorial is by the UK based Beads Unlimited. I am inspired to make one for myself!

Beads Unlimited also created the Berry Nice bib necklace tutorial. The use of a large selection of really big beads really fill up the bib portion. The use of a single fruity color palette is inspired.

This wired design tutorial is also from Beads Unlimited called Wrap with Wire. With the use of vivid blue colored wire, the necklace does fit their description - electrifying!  The designer used lightweight aluminum circles. If you cannot get those, consider using metal washers from your local hardware store. There are tons to choose from and these are available in different sizes

Slashgashterrorwhore created this whimsical recycled magazine bib necklace tutorial. Colorful and oh so eco.

This is Bobu Couture's version of the Denim Shag Necklace. The original tutorial is by Jenna C. Makes you want to keep all your old jeans!

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