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Nervous System is so well named. Their jewelry line looks like neural networks. This innovative design company uses a pattern generating algorithm in the computer to create their awesome nature inspired designs. The jewelry is made from a range of materials including gold, sterling silver, nylon, silicone rubber, stainless steel and wool.

The two designers behind Nervous System is a Harvard educated architect, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jess Louis-Rosenberg, a MIT media lab graduate. They met while at school. They shared a dorm and a common interest in computational design. Jess said, "The jewelry sort of emerged from work we were doing for Jessica’s architecture degree, which used a script to generate a spring mesh."

While working on a school project, Jessica made a lot of laser cut models. People started to wonder if some of the 3D printed paper models on her desk were bracelets. She and Jesse tried selling them on Etsy and got a great response. No wonder as what they do is unique and unique sells. The business went from the kind that afforded them some income while at school but success has since made it into a full time business.

They use a non-traditional model of manufacturing called rapid prototyping. The old way of manufacturing was to make large production runs of a design in order to lower costs. That's a huge commitment forcing manufacturers to discount or even give away stuff if the designs didn't sell.  With modern technology using computers, consumers are now able to get high quality products from much smaller runs and still have low costs. This allows designers to test pieces without a hefty front-end commitment.

Nervous System go one further. They have created applets which allow customers to play with designs of their own. They sell their jewelry through their own website and wholesale to museum stores and boutiques. They hope to expand to larger scale such as furniture and housewares.

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  1. Those are AWESOME! And gorgeous, to boot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome. What I found amazing was the serendipity of their jewelry making business. They didn't start out making jewelry but stumbled upon it. And what they make is truly different.

  3. Another truly interesting and informative post! The 'look' of some of the jewellery is not for me - and I'm sure they don't expect it to be everyone's cup of tea. Though... the ring is especially cool. What I loved, though, is the info on "rapid prototyping" compared to more traditional production. Thanks AGAIN Pearl... you NEVER disappoint!

  4. Neat find Pearl! What a cool idea. Gives me some ideas of my own, for using polymer clay. (Minus the laser and the computer of course!) Thanks for sharing this artist with us!

  5. That's a super idea using polymer clay! The low tech way, eh?

  6. Tami - I try to be informative! There is so much to learn about our craft.

  7. And you tweek your own design to make it totally you. Thanks for the share!


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