People's tastes in jewelry are so varied.  But if there is one easy style that's sure to please a great many people is the all in a row focal necklace.  There is no dangling pendant but the eye is still drawn to the front of the necklace.

Rather than just stringing large round beads, here are inspirational designs showing different ways to dress up the all in a row concept.

1.Wired pin
The above classy peach crystal and white pearl necklace is by Rachelle's Jewelry Box on  Etsy. Rachelle is a college student in Florida with a young and fresh style in jewelry design.

2. Asymmetrical
Does it have to be straight?  Nope. Check out this awesome amethyst necklace by Kim Rittberg of kritt jewelry who makes statement jewelry which are light and contemporary. Her punch line? "Make sure you're never a face in the crowd."

3. Unexpected choices
Why stick with just round or crystal beads? I went with chunky raw amethyst nuggets instead  with this Wilma Flintstone inspired necklace.

Glass bead artisan, Judy Richards' lamp work flower bouquet necklace consists of flower beads she made. Each strung bead is different from the other but this lovely design is still an all in a row concept. Judy's Etsy store is called Cats Paw Artifacts.

4. Hidden beads
Instead of glass beads, use wooden balls.  Silly PreciousPiggies has a great tutorial on how to make this decoupage wooden ball all in a row ribbon necklace.  Shown below is the pearl and chain version. She hides the balls with paper but you could also do the knotted fabric version - see my past post on How to make fabric jewelry tutorials.

5. Leftover beads
Mich L in L.A. had a fabulous idea with what she called her "rainbow snakelace".  Use up your odd and mismatched beads!

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