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Fun Back to School Jewelry Inspiration and Tutorials

Well, it's that time of year children dread. Back to school shopping. It's a dreaded reminder that the school year is about to start. But school can be fun if you have the right school approved jewelry!

Shown here is the cool erasers designed by Ahead Creative. It's $39 for a set of 5 colors.

If you are DIY inclined, then try out a couple of tutorials to make going back to school a little more fun?

First up is the eraser ring tutorial from Cute Little Disaster. It requires a drill and carving so either adult supervision is required or it's an adult project to give to schoolchildren.  Having an eraser ring means it's always "handy" when you need to erase a mistake!

Bead and wire wrapping on pens and pencils might be a bit much for young children. However if you use a very strong double sided tape called Treasure Tape, the little ones can make simple beaded wrapped pens. Treasure tape is available at Kreinik (no, I didn't get paid to write this! I google a lot).

If your teenager is craft orientated, then by all means, check out the inspirational designs of my past post on beaded wire wrapped flatware. If it works for cutlery and even chopsticks, it'll work on pens and pencils.

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  1. The Sculpey Amazing Eraser clay would be interesting to see if you could get a ring out of it too. Requires some oven use, so young children would need supervision. Might be worth trying out....a shame I don't have any on hand to play with. Thanks for the brain jumpstart though!!!!

  2. What a super idea! I didn't think about Sculpey clay.

  3. I love those erasers! They would have been great when I was in school just to wear one on my left pinky... since as a lefty I was often dragging my hand through what I wrote. Getting it full of ink or graphite... Oh... but wait... Then I would have just 'deleted' my notes... Guess we lefties STILL can't win!! LOL

  4. I love the rings! Would wear one of those myself... since I'm always making mistakes, a ring like that would come in handy!

  5. Hi, Pearl - those eraser rings are so cool!

  6. Hi Pearl!! OMG! I've so been MIA...I miss reading your blog in the a.m.

    I LOVE this idea! Functional and stylish rings. :-)

  7. Judging from reactions, these rings are a hit! Welcome back Stephanie - it looks like you are having a great summer.


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