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Ear Mug - Accessorize with Your Own Earrings or Studs!

Sometime ago, I wrote about the 2 Carat Cup which was coffee cup bling. It came packaged such the recipient might think they were receiving a ring. What a fun mug for your tea or coffee break.

But Molla Space's Ear Mug is even better. You get to accessorize the mug with your own earrings or studs!

Personalize it to match your outfit of the day and advertise your designs at the same time. After all you have only two ears so the mug's handle is your "third"! It makes a great gift for a jewelry fan or artisan.

The only thing I have to say against it is there isn't much clearance for dangles. So small hoops or studs are best.

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  1. Very creative idea! Maybe she can move the handle higher so you could use dangle earrings.

  2. I bet there are ceramics-makers (I remember one who used to have a booth next to mine called Mud Lark) who could make a dangle-holder at the top of the mug...

  3. That's a good idea to get a pottery person to custom make something more suitable!

  4. I love it!! Too bad there isn't more clearance. I could see selling right off the mug :)


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