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How to Make Bezel Settings - Free eBook and Tutorials

My friend Cindy really wants to learn how to bezel set cabochons. I promised I would let her (and all of you) know when I come across great tutorials.

Free eBook on Bezel Settings
Well, JewelryMakingDaily (Interweave) just released their awesome free eBook on 8 Ways to Set Stones (search in their free tutorial section).  It is superb starting with basic bezel setting. It then covers how to bezel unusual shapes and moves on to non-bezel settings.

Bezel setting requires that you know how to solder. The eBook assumes you do so it does not go into details like pickling etc. If you are not there yet, you could still download that eBook to learn and to keep for future reference. Bookmark this post too as you may wish to return to check out the following tutorials when you are ready to try.

Also worth a look is the bezel-setting tutorial by MaggieJs on The eBook above might be intimidating to some so this step by step tutorial may be more palatable. I especially appreciated several tips including the one about soldering the bezel to the bezel backing from below using a tripod and metal mesh. It avoids melting the bezel and allows for better control of the flow of the solder.

You can also bezel sea glass (link no longer available) as Barb Macy shows in her tutorial on her blog, Accent Yourself Handcrafted Jewelry. She goes into quite a lot of detail so one can learn lots. What's also different about her tutorial is she removes part of the backing.

Video Tutorials
If you are really keen and have time, then check out Art Jewelry Magazine's excellent videos showing :
A) How to make a bezel
Part 1 Cutting the bezel to the right length
Part 2 Soldering bezel strip
Part 3 Shaping
Part 4 Adjusting size
Part 5 Soldering to back plate

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

B) Setting a cabochon in a bezel setting
Part 1 Adjusting bezel height
Part 2 Using a bezel pusher
Part 3 Using a burnisher

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. I took a jewelry-making course locally and bezel setting was part of the curriculum. I would recommend taking a course, you really learn how to use the tools properly (soldering iron, polishers, etc.).

    Great blog today!

  2. Yes, a course is preferable. But some readers may not have easy access to an art college or workshop so these tutorials may inspire them. Also, it's invaluable to know what is involved before committing to a class.

  3. I agree Pearl! After seeing these videos I felt like it was something I was capable of doing with not a lot of tools and equipment. Now if I try it on my own and find I need more info, then I could take a course if I really wanted to. The beauty of videos is that you can watch them over and over and go back to them if you forget something or get stuck. You can't do that with live classes.

  4. Very good point about being able to review a video repeatedly! Some people need to see a process more than once. I've found that's the case when I teach at workshops.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial, it is just the information I was looking for. I will try the tutorial but I am sure that attending a class would be the best option. It will go on top of my retirement "bucket" list. Thanks again for the informatiove tutorial.

  6. Hey Pearl!!
    It's your favorite follower and fan ... Donna teehee...looks like this was blogged a little ways back but it is PERFECT TIMING for me!!!
    I just started a silver smith class last week (2/2/12) and now I have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!! I can refer to these videos and couple it with what I'm learning in class...SO AWESOME!! Especially cause in a room full of people there are constant distractions (like people talking, or you messing with your other tools..LOL) that cause you to miss important things!!! And sometimes I DO need to see things several times b4 I "get it"....THANKS PEARL!! Donna

  7. You're very welcome and have fun with your classes. This post will always be here whenever you need to refer to it again.

  8. Hello, thank you for this very comprehensive tutorial. We would like to share this tutorial in our website if permitted. Thanks again.


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