At our workshops and beading parties we've always encouraged beaders to redesign jewelry using components from older pieces. Sometimes broken pieces.  Why not? If you remake it, the jewelry will be updated and wearable. Brooches or even clip on earrings can be incorporated into necklaces. Read on for some wonderful tutorials and inspiration.

The Brooch Ribbon Necklace tutorial from the Martha Stewart site uses inexpensive costume brooches - all kinds - and made consistent with some copper spray paint which is rubbed off before it's quite dry. Some jump rings and a bit of ribbon - viola!

Terri O's Necklace Refashion tutorial also includes a video of how she created a new asymmetrical necklace from some old jewelry. She also made sure the new necklace could in turn be easily taken apart for a new design in the future!

Dive over on Cut Out and Keep completed two wonderful wire wrapping projects using parts from jewelry which were past their best. Her first project involved a cameo brooch which was already coming apart because the glue was so old.

She removed the cameo and saved it for another project. What you see is the result of her efforts combining the cameo setting and beads from her mother's old clip on earrings. Her project description outlines how she added a backing to give the piece visual depth.

Her wire wrapped cuff bracelet below features a flower bead from another pair of her mother's clip on earrings. Mom must have quite a few. My mother had a number too - it must have been very popular back in their day. Alas, my mother got rid of hers a long time ago.

Martha Stewart has wonderful instructions and ideas to use up your old jewelry. I particularly like the shoulder strap inspiration shown here..

More jewelry makeovers:

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