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More Bookmark Inspirations and Tutorials

I have a confession to make. I am always losing bookmarks. People give me bookmarks. I use scraps of paper, post-it notes, all to no avail. No wonder I am always on the look out for ideas to make my own. So here are a couple more great tutorial finds. Also check my past post, Beaded Bookmark Tutorials.

The above inspirational designs by Nattie Gurl on Cut Out and Keep is one good way to use up odd beads AND yarn. If you check out her other photos of yarn and bead designs, you will see she has used all sorts of yarn techniques to make the cords - crochet, twisting and braiding. To learn more about kumihimo (Japanese braiding), please check my past tutorial post, How to make a kumihimo braided bracelet using DIY discs. You can also purchase actual discs. She also rightly says, these can double as lariat necklaces or perhaps as car mirror decorations.

Another great idea is Bohemiansky's Ribbon Bookmark tutorial. The project also uses up leftover beads and makes a quick and easy gift.

One concept design which I hope will pan out for the future is the high tech bookmark bangle. I am not quite sure how the Apple iRead Concept by Alvar Sans will actually work. Given it's name, it might just remember the page you want to mark on an eBook.

What I would really like is it were to have a digital input and readout on the actual bangle itself so I can enter the page number. With the bangle on my wrist, I am not likely to lose it!

One last word. If you borrow books from the library or sell yours to a used bookstore, don't leave any highly personal makeshift bookmarks inside the books. A bookstore employee once posted about a heartbreaking jewelry related bookmark she found.

More non- jewelry gift inspirations :

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  1. I am also guilty of losing bookmarks. These are great ideas.

  2. I commit the terrible crime of dog-earing! :O

    I like making bookmarks not only to use up odd, single beads, but because they're a great unisex gift too. Which is good for me because I have a lot of men in my life. =P

  3. I like the idea of bookmarks but I generally only use them once, set them down somewhere - and find myself reaching for a piece of paper, an envelope, anything - when I pick up the next book. I wish I could get in the habit because I love bookmarks!


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