Although I joined Etsy some years ago, I did not open up a shop until earlier this year. I wish I had sooner because I hadn't realized there are all sorts of cool tools available to help promote a fledgling store like mine. One such app from the developer community is Etsy Shop Tools. (links no longer work)

It's not quite free but at $1 (Paypal) to join, it nearly is. With the web app, you can create a magazine of your designs. Grab the website code to embed in your website or send the link of the magazine to your potential clients and they will be wowed. No trees will be harmed in the process!

Just check out The Beading Gem's Life Collection magazine and see for yourself! Place your cursor on the magazine corners to flip the pages in either direction. It even gives a rather realistic page flick sound.

There is space only for 25 designs but you can change them out as you wish in the settings. There is nothing technologically challenging for the average user because the software does it all for you.

Got an iPhone or Android phone? Then use your smartphone to have ready access to your store when a showcase opportunity arises. Sure beats carrying around flyers and brochures which are usually tossed away anyway.The Etsy Shop Tools' iPhone app cost me all of 99 cents in the Apple Apps store. It does a much better job of viewing your store.

When I navigate to my Etsy store via the phone's browser (below left), I really cannot see much detail in either the gallery or list view. I either have to zoom in or click on a particular design. The Etsy Shop Tools app not only presents a more detailed and attractive view (below right), it even allows you to immediately email or share it on social media sites if someone coos over the design.

That's not all. You can also use the Showoff function and do animated views of your store's designs. Just watch my brief video of this function in action.

Pretty cool, don't you think? Now you know I am somewhat of a technology geek.

Update : This app is no longer supported as the developer has no time any more. Please check Etsy Shop Tools for other apps.

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