I'm sure most of you have played or know of the best selling Nintendo series of video games based on Mario, the Italian plumber.  Well, meet Dan the Man in this video who is equally hardworking. He jumps and fights all sorts of enemies to rescue the princess in the tower. Only she wants much, much more than rescuing!  Like a  diamond ring.  Does she deserve this hero? Just watch and chuckle. I did.

On a more serious note, we know fairytale princesses with tiaras, expensive jewelry and happily ever afters do not reflect reality.

It was something that really struck award winning,Vancouver based photographer, Dina Goldstein. She herself did not grow up in North America. As a new mother, however, she couldn't help but observe the fascination very young girls have for the princess phenomenon. Especially the Disney variety.  She, like those of us who have read the dark and sometimes disturbing original Grimms' fairy tales, knew Disney had overly sanitized the fairy tales.

If you've not already seen it, check out her amazing Fallen Princesses series of portraits which "place fairy tale  characters in modern day scenarios. In all the images, the Princess is placed in an environment that articulates her conflict."

Her powerful thought-provoking pictures include Snow White's tired ever after without any help from Prince Charming. Some of her scenes include a chubby Little Red Riding Hood has been snacking too often on fast food. And a Princess Jasmine who doesn't wait for Aladdin to come rescue her.

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