Making precious metal clay jewelry is one really good way to avoid having to take metal smith classes! So if you agree with me and want to know how, then you have to check out these awesome beginner metal clay (silver) earring tutorials.

1. Textured Rope Earrings 
The instructor from  CoolToolsVideos has an excellent introductory section on the tools and techniques in these two video tutorials on the tools and techniques to get us started on this technique. It's worth the time watching these!
Part 1 Tools and how to form and texture the earrings.

Part 2 Shows the drilling, firing and polishing steps. A hockey puck and the pin vise are useful! (You can also use pin vises for twisting wire - check my past post). She uses a mini-burner on a firing block.

2. Mark Nelson of Rio Grande's video tutorial for a 5 minute metal clay earrings. He actually means 5 minutes for just rolling out the clay and forming the earrings. You need to allow extra time for the clay to dry and about 30-40 minutes in a kiln.

It's worth a look because he shows the use of a rolling pin for clay with stacks of playing cards to get the right thickness. His method of making the holes is with a small straw at the wet stage. And he gives a demonstration on how to do liver of sulfur patinas.

3. This lovely informal metal clay earrings tutorial is by one of my favorite metal clay artisan and instructor, Gordon Uyehara (see my past feature article on him). His free tutorial is available from Art Jewelry. You will have to join (free) to get it.
4. The spiraled tendrils earring tutorial also from Art Jewelry is by Carol Babineau.
5. The pendulum triangle earrings tutorial is a stunner. This is another Art Jewelry free project by Kim Otterbein.

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