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Has anyone made any silhouette jewelry after reading my past tutorial post on that? I did mention then, animal silhouettes can be used. So here is one inspirational metal smith who does make brilliant use of animal silhouettes in her jewelry designs.

Celula of Blu Grn Design on Etsy is a transplanted Houstonian living in Washington DC. She is an architect and designer. Shown on the right is my favorite, her Whale of a Ring.

Then there is the only kind of slug you'll ever want - the Little Slug Ring:

She also shows her playful side with her Advice from a Caterpillar - Alice in Wonderland necklace:

Not to forget the Cheshire Cat earrings too :

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  1. These are very cool Pearl! The moment I saw the post title, my eyes popped open a little... As some dear friends of mine recently went to England and were taken by 'silhouette' jewellery at the Covent Garden Market. So much so that they brought me a biz card to share the inspiration with me. There's no website per se, but you can find Miry's Menagerie on Facebook. You might enjoy how she pairs a tiger face 'sorta silhouette' (her recent pieces seem to have more details added) with tiger-eye gemstones and cut-out butterflies with beads that remind one of butterfly wings... etc. I was going to send you a link to check it out - YOU were my first thought when they showed me photos and her card... So this post was just the 'poke' I needed to do that. I LOVE the whale ring, btw!

    You enjoy another day of being 'Amazing YOU' Pearl... And I'll enjoy another as a candidate for your 'biggest fan'... Be well!

    Tamara :-)

  2. I checked Miry's Menagerie out! Cool stuff. Thanks for the tip, Tamara. You are so sweet.

  3. Wow, as usual, I am humbled by the ever-expanding, and inspiring, Creative Spirit!

  4. I love the whale and that is the most attractive slug I have ever encountered!

  5. These are so adorable! I (of course) love the cat!

  6. Those are adorable. I am not even a fan of Alice but I love the 'Advice from a Caterpillar' necklace.


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