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Red Panda Beads Shopping Spree Giveaway Winner

Betsy sure is an inspiration. Many of you who left comments for the Red Panda Beads Giveaway were awed by her commitment to good customer service, her wonderful workspace and most of all, as an artisan who successfully quit her day job!

Jems of Joy summed it up well, "This kind of story behind a business is what makes a business special. I often wished I knew the story behind a business I felt was out of the ordinary, and Pearl, you have done an amazing job at presenting Red Panda Beads. I love all of it and particularly the photo of her office with all the thin dream..."

Thanks Jems of Joy, Tamara (Frejya's Jewels) and Lori Schneider for such ringing endorsements of my blog. But I cannot claim all the credit because Betsy made it easy by sharing so much of the information. She has a great blog where she writes about many inspirational designs (two are shown here) and she is incredibly active on Facebook. It's clear she takes good customer service very seriously. I know because I bought some beads too from her.

It's clear to many of you  Betsy is doing what she truly loves. Charmed Styles said, "... it's not about how much $$ we make (though $$$$$ is NICEEEEE) it's about sharing our craft, our joy, our love, and our passion. Most importantly making someone else smile!"  Hear, hear!

Some of the commentators mentioned they are new to bead work. Even if you didn't win, there are some great tutorials to get you started on beading.
So who won? After tallying up and accounting for extra entries, generated number 2! That makes Sally of  JTM Designs the winner!  Congratulations!  I will be sending your email to Betsy who will provide instructions on claiming the prize!

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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  1. Where do I get the patterns for the two bracelets pictured?

  2. Replying to Beverly's emailed question:

    The pictures come from Betsy's blog and they are her own work. Please check out the blog posts as she does go into more detail with more photos. You can also contact her and ask if she has a pattern. Her email is

    The green one uses 3-drop peyote stitch using Miyuki triangles:

    The beautiful abalone clasp one is also a 3-drop peyote stitch design:

    I hope this helps. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Those 2 bracelets are SOOO gorgeous! But I don't even WANT the patterns! I have enough things I've been inspired (Pearl!) to try - and 'avoiding' those is all I really have time for! :-) If I knew how to do that, it'd be another thing to NOT get to. I know (like, really KNOW!) there's such a thing as "bead addiction"... Is there also "beader's guilt" - or is that just me?

    Well, we can diagnose me later... for now I should just say "CONGRATS!" to Sally from JTM Designs... and thanks Pearl for that "Freyja's Jewels" link in the post.

    OH!! And I just scrolled up to check... and sure enough... it seems each time I visit I notice your "Followers" increasing! Awesome and way to go!!! Soon it'll be as famous as it should be (move over Angelina Jolie... or Perez Hilton perhaps) and you'll have to quit your day job. Though, you'd likely keep both!? How much more could you post/create here anyway? It already seems like it must be done by a 'full-time STAFF' of people!

  4. I don't think Perez Hilton has anything to worry about!

    Alas, there is only me. Writer, editor and publisher all rolled into one! This is what happens when one is addicted to blogging!

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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