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How to Make Yarn Jewelry Tutorials

I must confess I have a yarn stash left over from my knitting days. So if you have one of those, here are some jewelry tutorials to get you going on whittling down that stash!

Even the yarn companies are getting into the act.  The Mademoiselle crochet necklace tutorial by Berroco uses embroidery accents, crochet chains and and a très jolie bow closure. It's just lovely. Thanks Willi for this tip!

Alison M. of Ornamentea posted the Wish For You Necklace tutorial on Cut Out and Keep.  Her tutorial makes use of multiple strands of silk.  I agree with her that this design is suitable for people with metal allergies as the silk strands are the only parts in contact with the skin.

Alison also has the silken strand bracelet tutorial which was posted on Ornamentea as well as on Cut Out and Keep.

Aromy's wonderful knotty knitted necklace tutorial is another design ideal for metal allergic wearers. Her basic necklace uses basic crochet and knitting techniques to form an i-cord and fastener. Then she has some great suggestions to customize it. Shown here is the finished necklace made into one half of a good luck Chinese knot.

This awesome looped fringe crochet choker is by the Double Stitch Twins.

This crochet bangle tutorial by Phyllis Serbes strikes me as a candidate for wire crochet too.
I crochet with wire but haven't really explored the yarn variety. The really pretty  crochet flower earrings tutorial by Un Jardin De Hilo has inspired me to give it a whirl.

Linda P's crochet star earrings tutorial on Cut Out and Keep is another "stellar" design!

Maggie Petsch's gorgeous crochet marigold pin tutorial can also be adapted for hair grips, hair bands and perhaps even as necklace focals.

Never ever throw away scraps. You can make Tina Hilton's yarn remnant necklace design as shown on Craftstylish. She adds it's a great alternative to a scarf on colder days.

Margaret Hagan over at Razblint has a super easy scrap yarn necklace tutorial.

Aniko over at the Art is Tree blog has a lovely yarn wrapped necklace tutorial which really brings out her silver pendant. She wraps the yarn around a plastic tube. What's really clever is the use of magnetic clasps at the tube ends.Via 

Hat tip to Dana for finding this wonderful necklace tutorial by Honestly...WTF. It's colorful - wear multiple versions or use it as a cord for a focal.

Other yarn tutorials to try:
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  1. I love the crochet bangle and marigold pin. And I agree... the marigold pin would be a beautiful hair clip, necklace focal, etc. I may never get around to trying these, but I will be watching your jewellery creations to see if you do some of the crochet designs with WIRE... I think that could be AMAZING!!! And...I'm just about to order one of the books from your list here... Now that I'm getting into a routine of starting my day with your blog - it might just become as essential as coffee is to my husband!! I just have to say it again... YOU ROCK PEARL!!

  2. You are welcome! I just bought some tapestry yarn from an online auction. I am going to try to make a kumihimo braid and then felt it.

    I also like a lot of the other designs. Like the Beading Gem I have lots of left over yarn that I need to use up!

  3. I forgot to mention in my last comment that there is a new yarn now with Swarovskis already embedded. It looks so cool and would make some great designs (like the ones in the blog today).

    I agree with Tamara - the Beading Gem blog is a great way to start the day. I don`t even wait for the email, I go directly to your website!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Your tutorial are very interesting.I am so glad to follow you.

  5. I won't say where because I can't remember, but I saw one that was made out of wool yarn recently. Ew! Itch city.
    I've been digging into my stash and (trying to) abstain from purchasing more. I've been wondering about the ultrasuede material that is cut into 1/8" cord strips for necklaces. I wonder how easy it'd be to create some funky chunkiness with that.

  6. I'm sure those who are allergic to wool or who are plain ticklish will be avoiding these tutorials!

    Sure you can cut up the ultrasuede material, Allison. With your creativity, I'm sure the design will be awesome!

  7. Oh, I meant to mention too that I like the look of the Mademoiselle crochet necklace. With the introduction of a bow you have a place to hide your closure using a snap, velcro, button, whatever.


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