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Amazing Hand Crafted Glass Jewelry by Mystic Glass Creations

Canada is a vast country with six time zones. So I was amazed to learn that business partners, Kim Reid and Tyler Hayes are from this end of the country and yet both now make the most awesome glass pendants on Vancouver Island on the west coast.

I met Kim last year when she came all the way back to Halifax to showcase Mystic Glass Creations at a local craft show. I was so impressed with their work, I bought a star fish pendant (above) for myself. I just hung it on a silver chain. I refrained from doing anything else because I did not want to detract from this lovely focal.

The detail in their work is breathtaking. The photographs here do not do their work justice. Shown below are their line of Ocean Scene pendants. How did they do it? "Ocean Scene pendants are created by melting clear and colored glass together in a torch. When the colored glass is melted onto the clear glass a drawing technique is done to form the ocean scene. Silver shaving is used to create the shimmering stars in the night sky." It's like drawing with glass!

With their mystic pendant line, pure gold or silver is vaporized and then trapped in the glass. Silver vapor apparently result in a white or blue tone mist while the gold ends up as a pinkish one.

Their Ocean Floor pendants are created with colored crushed glass.

Their sea creatures collection is also delightful.

Their skill is remarkable. For their lillies pendants, "Coloured glass is stretched out to the diameter of a pencil lead. It is then applied to a clear blown out tube and melted down to create the imploded lillies."

One of their most outstanding lines are the tidal pool pendants. You can see the elements in 3D. Believe me, these are truly amazing pieces.

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  1. Their work is really amazing. The pendants are so beautiful. I will go to their website to look around.

  2. These are gorgeous and so refreshingly original. These would do fabulously well here in Oz with our beaches and coral reefs...

  3. The turtle is too cool! Love it! Thanks for the info!

  4. These are so amazingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love your Sea Creatures!! Next best thing to owning a real one. Beautifully done.

    Fair Winds and Calm Seas,
    Deborah Leon

  6. Glass is my favourite medium. These pendants are just beautiful - I just adore the mystic pendants and ocean scenes.

  7. I love the star fish pendant you bought! I agree with you, it's beautiful on the chain all by itself.

    See you on the beach,

  8. Oh, my gosh, they make beautiful glass! I'm seriously coveting one of those tide pool pendants. Thanks, Pearl, for opening our eyes to another wonderful artist.

  9. That really is some beautiful work, amazing what can be done! I'm going to go look too - love the seascapes and that seahorse is fabulous!

  10. Hi Pearl,

    I was also lucky to have met this lady. My daughter and daughter-in-law each received one for Xmas that year. Thanks so much for your VERY interesting blogs! Your a gem!!


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