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Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial Using an Eye Glass Holder Mandrel

If you are just starting out with wire work, rest assured making a wire and bead pendant is not that difficult. Just watch this video by Leonardo Martinez of Legendary Beads in Austin and you'll see what I mean. This instructor calls the project beaded sculpture or bead art. It's an apt description because every pendant can be one of a kind.

I've featured this instructor before in a past post about using different gadgets like a cell phone and an iPod for creating the frame. As an instructor myself, I believe it helps to see the same technique a few times.

The "mandrel" he uses in this case is an eye glass holder! So look around the house for all sorts of unusual shapes! Round is rather boring when you are doing a wire and bead sculpture!

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  1. What kind of wire? He said 22 guage but he moves it like thread and when I try to wrap, I gave trouble with kinking.

  2. I Have trouble with kinking. :) Where's my coffee?

  3. Great post. I look forward to watching the video.

  4. We all kink wire, Allison but with practice, the kinking is kept at a minimum.

  5. Really nice video, thanks for sharing...


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