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People of different cultures have worn tattoos for centuries. This type of body modification is still popular today. However bejeweled tattoos could well be a new trend.

Shown here is the world's most expensive tattoo. South African model, Minki van der Westhuizen is sporting 7.2 million South African rands or US$924,000 worth of diamonds.

The temporary tattoo took 8 painstaking hours to apply 612 Shimansky Ideal Cut 0.5 diamonds with a water based adhesive. Somehow, I didn't think she was going to spend the rest of her life with the diamonds!

For those who aren't so flush with money, tiny jewel piercings are used to compliment small tattoos. The jewel is attached with a "body rivet". This kind of combination skin implant and tattooing is getting popular. (Update : The body rivet refers to Skindiver implants which are smaller than dermal anchors).

Diamonds too expensive? Too chicken for piercings? Then check out the Backtacular crystal adhesive patches from Kimberlilyonline! These are designed to be worn with low rise jeans!  Their byline - "Hindsight is more than 20/20, so be Backtacular"

Are you a closet tattoo admirer? You'd never do it but yet you wonder what you'd look like with a tattoo? If you have the iPhone, then load up the Tattoo Shop iPhone app from the app store. Have a hysterically fun time checking out what you or your friends look like with tattoos you choose from their selection!

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  1. The 'body rivet' you refer to is actually called a dermal anchor. I have one in the center of my chest. Mine isn't in a tattoo, but I've seen many that are. Just like tattoos, these piercings are permanent. :)

  2. Ah, thanks for the making this comment. I used a term from this post which was referring to the new Skindiver implants which are smaller than dermal anchors :

  3. You got my curiosity going and I had to Google some of these things. (Extreme) body mods are just bit too eww! But you've found something that can take care of one big eww factor. The adhesive patches? Great for plumber's crack!

  4. Plumber's crack? That's a hilarious term for this wardrobe malfunction!

  5. Dermal anchor? Permanent? Oh man!


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