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How to Make a Convertible Charm Necklace/Bracelet Tutorials

When I stumbled upon this video from Blue Moon Beads, I slapped my forehead and went, "Why didn't I think of this before ?" Their convertible charm jewelry tutorial shows us how to make a charm bracelet which can be worn separately or attached to a necklace portion. It's also the technique used by the designers of the World's Most Expensive Sports Bra.

It really is fast and easy as they said. They used only silver tone charms, but I am sure we each have all sorts of different ideas on charm jewelry designs!

This beautiful Floral June necklace tutorial by Beads Unlimited can also be adapted using the same idea.  You will need two clasps on either end of the bracelet/necklace focal. One clasp will be dangling like a charm when the design is being worn as a bracelet and a necklace set.

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  1. I like this idea - two for the price of one! I thought of doing something similar for a tubular bead crochet necklace and bracelet that I am making for a friend. I might use magnetic clasps to join them - I find this to be a sleek/clean look.

  2. Really like the braclet/necklace idea but what really got me thinking was the "expensive sports bra". Makes my mind spin thinking how much it would cost for my "double D" ladies.

  3. Willi - magnetic clasps with tubular bead crochet does indeed give a sleek professional look. Go for it!

    Cindy - That's too funny! On my Facebook Page when that bra post came out, Tamara was teasing another commentator that for that price, she offered to even make the bra itself!

  4. Doh! Just when I thought I'd had a truly original idea! LOL! I decided to make mine a necklace/bracelet/anket so there! :-D

  5. It's a gorgeous design nonetheless - love the colors! Pearl


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