I've always believed in mixing techniques because the creativity and productivity factors then increase enormously! Take this amazing pictorial by Alkhymeia on Flickr. The full tutorial is in Italian which you will have to translate. Unfortunately as it is a pictorial, you will have to do it the hard way rather than with an online translator.

Alkhymeia is truly an inspirational designer as you can see from her outstanding combination technique work from her website and from her Flickr album. Her work is exquisite so do pop over to see more!

Note that she has made her photo licensing Creative Commons not All Rights Reserved. It means she allows bloggers like me to use the photo without any hassle so long as I provide a link back. It's one way to get people to advertise your wares for you for free and still retain her rights. Please check my past post on 4 easy ways to promote your online store (or blog) for more tips.

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