What could be more appropriate on Halloween than a little horror inspired photoshoot? This one is based on an old Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds. The story is about birds viciously attacking people in a small US coastal town. The film subject is so far removed from jewelry I would never have thought it could be the inspiration behind this unusual bling photo shoot. Ingenious, I say.

This highly creative idea could only come from the world famous Spanish fashion and advertising photographer Eugenio Recuenco . He is known for his "cinematographic" style.

The black and white pictures remind us of classic Hitchcock movies and perhaps conveys a sinister look. In the movie, the birds were actually sea gulls but the black crows used in the photoshoot also add to the horror ambiance.

Here is a quick look at that 1963 movie, compressed into 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Did you know Alfred Hitchcock based this movie on a real incident in 1961? Tons of sooty shearwaters, a type of seabird, flew into the rooftops of Capitola, California and woke up the residents. Many dead birds were also found in the streets.

The cause was actually domoic acid poisoning. The sooty shearwaters had eaten contaminated fish. Some algal blooms produce this toxin which are eaten by marine species such as shellfish and fish. The toxin then moves up the food chain.

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