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Make This Awesome Spirograph Inspired String Art Necklace

Some of you may not remember the feature designer post I did quite a while ago about Childhood Toy and Game inspired jewelry.

If you check it out, you will see a featured designer whose creations are based on spirographs. Remember those?  I had one as a child.

Well, Supersoftdrink on Instructables did an amazing spirograph necklace tutorial applying a string art method. She used multiple units to make a stunning statement necklace.

You have to make some sort of jig with pegs, nails or pins to wind the string.  She used just string and glue but if you're creative, try playing with colored wire!

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  1. Enjoyed this, Pearl, and also going back to the game pieces tutorial. We have saved about $2,000 worth of Legos from our son's growing up years. He played with them for years and years and they were given to him as gifts from family. Hummmmmmm.

  2. Great photo and thanks for the article. I enjoy beading very much and you provide excellent content.

  3. This is SO crazy and I mean that in a good way. Wow, I LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Pretty cool necklace!


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