Remember Dan Aykroyd of the Ghostbusters? The Canadian comic, actor, musician, UFO believer and screenwriter is also a winemaker using "snob-free grapes" (Dan Aykroyd Wines).

He is part owner of Diamond Estates Wines in Canada which produces the Crystal Head Vodka. The amazing skull bottle alone is worth keeping, never mind the vodka! It's made by Bruni Glass in Italy.

The inspiration for the whole concept came from the movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which is based on the myths surrounding actual crystal skulls carved from rock crystal or clear quartz.

There are several crystal skulls in various museums around the world including the Smithsonian and the British Museum. None were obtained from documented archaeological digs. The skulls which were actually studied by scientists were found to be of 19th century origin not pre-Columbus Mesoamerican. Still the tales of the skulls' alleged supernatural powers make for entertaining reading. A skull vodka bottle? A conversation piece, for sure. Brilliant marketing too.

The vodka is made from Newfoundland water. Locals call this most easterly part of North America, the Rock. It's far from major pollution sources which is why the makers use the water. Dan Aykroyd has mentioned both glacial as well as deep aquifer water as the source. Glacial water is possible as the eastern waters of Newfoundland each spring boasts several large icebergs formed from Greenland's glaciers. Tourists can check where the icebergs are from the iceberg finder site!

IcebergIceberg off Newfoundland by ~kate~ via Flickr

The vodka is quadrupled distilled and tripled filtered through Herkimer diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are not really diamonds but double terminated quartz crystals ie, they have 2 naturally faceted ends. Carbon filtration is pretty good but substituting it for crystals I suppose implies the crystal clear aspect. According the makers, test tasters prefer the crystal -filtered version. Now, was that a double blind study?

Check out Aykroyd's advertising video pitch where he delightfully describes the alcohol trade as the legal recreational consumables industry!

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