I usually donate my old glasses for reuse through my optometrist. But other artisans have other upcycling ideas. Take Mzz Thang of Fo-Shizzle Design Studios on Artfire (no longer available) for example. Her "Specs Appeal" collection  is delightfully quirky. (She also does other jewelry designs).

She uses all sorts of decorative fabrics. As the eyeglass lenses are plastic, the pendants are lightweight which will appeal to those who don't like anything heavy around their necks.

Mzz Thang's real name is Mischelle but she's been known by that nickname for over 34 years! The moniker came from her professional musician days. An ovarian cancer survivor with other health issues, she eventually got hooked into jewelry making and now owns a brick and mortar jewelry store in the San Francisco area. Way to go, Mzz Thang! You are truly inspirational!

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