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Not long ago, a reader wrote and asked me if I knew of a way to make a keepsake out of eye glasses as a way of remembering someone dear who had passed away. She said she vaguely remembered a suggestion on the Oprah Winfrey show about grinding down the plastic lenses to reform into beads.

However, artisans do take the whole lens to paint or decorate for jewelry (check out my past post on Extreme creativity - unusual brooches and yesterday's post) which strikes me as an easier idea.

So here are a couple of tutorials to help you recycle eye glasses to wear. The first tutorial is a fabulous pendant how to by In My Own Style. Much experimentation went into the creation of these designs. She recommends a certain type of glue that will work for plastic. A Dremel drill is used to create the necessary holes.

Jennifer of The Felt Mouse has an easy eyeglass brooch tutorial. She mentioned her old eye glasses were not suitable for recycling programs typically run by opticians so this is a great way to upcycle them and use up fabric or paper scraps at the same time!

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For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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