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Lovely Batik Crochet Necklace Inspiration

I wrote about a batik fabric necklace and jewelry box tutorial quite a while ago. Among the commentators was Allison who hails from North Carolina. She said she loves batik and wondered if she could use the scraps left over from a sewing project. She asked if 1 inch strips could be used and if the edges had to be finished I thought leaving the edges raw would add character.

This highly creative artisan was as good as her word when she produced this gorgeous batik crochet necklace and wrote about it on her blog, Designing Impressions. She is very, very good if this is just her first attempt. She finished the clasp end beautifully too - just click on the link and check out her blog post for more pictures.

I am both impressed and inspired!

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  1. It may be my dislike of cleaning but when ever I see "fabric or fibers" in jewelery I keep thinking about how do I clean it and does it maintain it crispness and shape once cleaned. I love the look but shy away from making this type of jewelery because of this issue.

    One issue I've resolved due to this dislike of cleaning is to do my jewelery making facing a wall away from everything else in my house, then I get to create to my heart content and not be distracted by the dust bunnies and disarray creaping up on me. As I say to my friends come to visit but bring a shovel to clear a path to my "wall".

  2. The cleaning would be the same as any delicate garment. Hand wash not machine wash. Gentle soap in a basin of tepid water and swish, not scrub. Rinse and pat dry really well in towel. Dry flat. Make sure the metal bits are well dried.

    I share your dislike for household cleaning! I would rather make jewelry than clean!

  3. I did woner about all the fabric that is being used in jewelry lately and the oils and sweat from our skins. Thanks for the tip. I 'd rather be beading than cleaning too. But I got to clean this weekend! Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Didn't think about the cleaning aspect, just thought I really like the finished product! Really pretty and unique!

  5. Wow! I can't believe all the interest in my crocheted necklace!
    Another thing you might want to consider when wearing a fabric necklace is to wear it on the outside of your shirt. A lot of them are being modeled with camisoles but that doesn't mean they wouldn't look great with a button up or even a turtleneck.
    This necklace is actually a princess length with an adjustable length so it can easily be worn with higher necklines.

  6. Wow this looks very beautiful and unique. Very inspiring others to participate. Batik is itself a work of very high value

  7. I am a newbie to crocheting.If instruction is ch3,dc in same sp then it means we have to do a dc in the 3rd chain stitch?


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