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Some designers are inspired by a single bead. But fellow Canadian, Noémie starts with a single feather. From there she creates the jewelry you see in her Etsy store called Noémiah. 

She says, "I am inspired by color, texture, shape, length etc.. I then played with asymmetry, line and color contrasts." She clearly does well with her designs as they are sold in several Canadian boutiques and have been featured in magazines and other blogs.

Her feather jewelry are bold in a way but not overwhelming. They add a certain dash of drama to outfits through her use of color, placement and sometimes large feathers. Definitely one of a kind!

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  1. I would so love a pair of the yellow feather earrings!!!!

  2. They look like they are so fragile. And the white necklace? Don't wear it when you're eating red pasta.

  3. i've bought from her before. it looks great but when you wear it, in reality it's very annoying. like those yellow earrings, when the wind blows they end up upside down sticking in your hair lol.


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