There were many lamp work fans who entered last week's Bead and Save giveaway.The gorgeous classic black and white beads as well as the old black and white picture of Bead and Save's Gail and Karen drew a number of comments.

Judy Lovell, a fellow Canadian beader said, "I too am not in the springtime of my life. I like to think somewhat early autumn, hard to say, maybe late autumn, some days feels like late winter!" We hear you! At least those of us of a certain vintage!

Catherine Hah explained why she really wanted to win these beads. "In Malaysia, pandora beads and lamp work beads are not widely available." Another Judy added, "Wow! Another bead site where I can get lost for hours." Jillsie admitted, "Great beads but then, I'm a bead slut. I never met a bead I didn't like."

I so agree about the beads from their store. The additional pictures shown here are Gail and Karen's designs featuring said beads!

So who won? Well, pulled out Divya N out of it's numerical hat. Divya lives in India! Congratulations!

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