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Some years ago, one beader at a beading party designed this enormous hoop earrings which was about 5-6 inches long (and kind of droopy because it was sterling silver wire)!  At the time, I thought it was the largest earrings I had ever seen. But these Solomon Chase  XXL earrings are like wearing hula hoops!

Did you notice she tucks them safely under her arms?  And manages to go about her day! This is street fashion for you.

Big jewelry is a current trend. If you like to make big hoop earrings - although not as large as those pictured above - and you want them to stay round, use memory wire! You can get them in bracelet or even necklace sizes! If you need a tutorial, check out the memory wire hoop earrings tutorial by Bead Studio. Remember to use a memory wire cutter or a hardware store one NOT your flush cutters!

Planning and writing this post inspired me to come up with my Diva Double Hoop earrings for my Etsy store. They are non-tarnish and made with as much as lightweight materials as possible.

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Solomon Chase earrings via Dismagazine (photographer : David Toro)
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  1. lol! I wonder how long it'll be before the earrings get mangled or worse -her ears get mangled. I think I'll stick with your beautiful Diva Double Loop earrings.

  2. I cringe whenever I look at the pictures. You're right. It's not the earrings I worry about but her ears!

  3. Not sure if my first comment went through as I had a blip with blogger.
    In my point of view this is one case when Bigger is NOT Better. I too would be concerned that the pretty young lady would snag one of those monsters on something and rip out an earlobe. Perhaps the hoops are designed with an easy release closure that pops open at any tug?

    But truthfully I do not find those huge hoops attractive ... ridiculous yes, attractive no.

  4. Oh my! That earring is WAAAYYY too big! Really?! Fashion? I don't think so. What is kinda funny is the thought of what happens when you walk by something that is sticking out, turn your head quick and your earrings lassos the thing sticking out. Well, that's my funny take on it. :-)

    I DEFINATELY like your earring design my better Pearl. Beautiful! And fashionable!

  5. Like you said Pearl, I cringe when I see something like that. Kinda terrifies me a bit!

  6. I too like your design better Pearl. I am the person who gets her earrings caught in her sweater (and I mean with ordinary sized earrings!).

  7. Oh My Gosh!! Really?!! I can just picture getting those caught on door handles or passers by and me dangling from my ears trying to figure out how to get free. I can also see dogs trying to jump through them and kids shooting hoops through them while I'm trying to buy some much needed Polysporin. I guess if they were causing you too much problems as jewelry, you could always use them for hoola hoops!

  8. Ouch! Thats all I could think seeing that big earing!

  9. wondering what the point is in wearing such large hoops?? if large is in, like those mega size finger rings, maybe we'll also start to see some baseball sized eyebrow studs soon. eeek

  10. You`ll be surprised what people want! Albeit in the minority! The rest of us are going eeek like you!

  11. Question can you really buy those earrings they huge??????


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