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Innovative Pearl Jewelry Designs by Melanie Georgacopoulos

Queen of Gems
Part 2 of 2
One of the first pearl innovations was the ability to culture them in farms rather than relying on lucky oyster or mussel finds. It actually took centuries of attempts until the the Japanese developed it over a century ago (see my past post, The Man Who Loved Pearls).  Jewelry artisans today continue to innovate this queen of gems.

One past designer I wrote about developed a way of culturing diamonds inside pearls. If you check out my Diamond in a Pearl post, his exquisite pearl carvings reveal the diamonds inside.

Today`s feature designer, French-Greek artisan Melanie Georgacopoulos does something different - actually several things in truly innovative ways.

As you can see, her collections include the Lace (carved pearls above) and the Half Cut and the Arlequin selections shown below.

Her limited edition designs clearly shows her sculpture background. They are all amazing and the reason why her work has been featured in top magazines and newspaper articles. She is the Queen of pearls indeed!

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