Although most men apparently don't go for jewelry, a number of people were indeed interested in last week's Duncroft Masterworks Warrior Pendant giveaway. What surprised me though were the comments from women who liked the pendants for themselves.

One of them, Susan of Susanna Originals said, "Never mind the guys, Pearl! Marc's stuff is awesome and I'd wear it myself in a heartbeat! Nice designs and I like the tie-in with history."

Almost Precious agreed, adding, "I would be most tempted to wear that lovely "Thor's Hammer" myself."

Many of the entrants though were hoping to win for their menfolk, some of whom are clearly Scots!  And the guys? I chuckled at David Ervin's comment,  "Number of deadly weapons owned" is an extra credit question on the entrance exam to Valhalla" ! Sarah wanted one for her husband because he claims he is a barbarian at heart! But she also hoped he'd let her wear it too if she won.

So who won? I consulted the numerical oracle, The winners of this giveaway are Anna Maria (Almost Precious) and Luis. Congratulations! I think it's neat that the winners are a woman and a man. These aren't exclusively a male jewelry line. I'm off to contact both of you.  First one to reply gets to choose.

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