Perhaps some of you are geeky like me. I am looking forward to Disney's movie Tron: Legacy which will be released next month. Like many movies these days, merchandising often includes jewelry.

The futuristic angular look and grid patterns as well as the black and neon colors are some the key design elements designers can use. Tom Tom Jewelry designed these striking creations for Walt Disney Signature.

What about handmade inspirations? Some artisans who happen to be anticipating the movie like I am, have also added their own design interpretations on Etsy. This meticulously made Abstract Tron polymer clay pendant is the work of Ri Innovations.

Design and Conquer on Etsy came up with this Tron Earrings FW/2010 Mainframe collection. It looks like mother of pearl but it's actually handmade flexible plastic polymer.

Picking up on the bright colors and grid patterns of the movie is West Art and Glass's Tron Brooch :

This sci-fi movie about a virtual gaming world is a sequel to the ground-breaking original movie, Tron. The hero of the movie goes into this digital universe to find his trapped father who created it. They battle a villain who is determined to prevent their escape. Simple plot but the special effects are cool as you can see from the latest trailer.

More Movie Inspired Jewelry :

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