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Gaurav Gupta's Tangled Chain Jewelry Designs

Chain is a basic component in jewelry making. Yet, many artisans go beyond the basics and make this humble component very much part of their overall designs.

This latest find is the Gaurav Gupta's Jewelry collection where oodles of chain are deliberately used in a tangled fashion. Wonderful asymmetrical statement necklaces for little black dresses!

Gauva Gupta is an award winning Indian-born fashion designer who has worked for other top designers such as Stella McCartney.

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  1. I love it when a designer can make order and beauty out of chaos! Wow!

  2. Yes, there is indeed beauty in chaos. It takes a great eye and confidence for sure.If I tried anything like that though, it would be a mess! Pearl

  3. Interesting designs - I especially like the latter two.

  4. Wow! Those are some gorgeous designs. I just love chain but she has taken it beyond!

  5. Looks so much better than the tangles I run into!


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