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Let's Hear it for Ear Cuffs
Part 1 of 2
Ear cuffs or wraps are wonderful and increasing popular. They are alternatives to earrings as they do not require pierced ears.  Amelia Lune generously created this awesome ear cuff tutorial  (Update : link no longer works) after she was inundated with requests for instructions!

Her tutorial includes a basic ear cuff for those who aren't into showy pieces. The extended ear cuff tutorial does allow for all sorts of creative license by adding beads and chains. It's stunning when the ear cuff is attached to a regular ear dangle.

The curving part can be done easily if you have large bail forming pliers. Short of that, use something like a pen or  a wooden dowel as shown in the ear cuff tutorial by Melita of  MG Jewelry (Update : link no longer works)  . How she forms her ear cuff is different from the above method.

Chelsey's simple ear cuff tutorial on Cut Out and Keep (Update : link no longer works) is ear-resistable as she says! So much so several people have made their own versions based on her basic how-to.  It's yet another inspiration on where to add dangles.

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  1. What great tutorials...and the finished products are very cool!!!

    Hope you enjoyed some quiet time to relax Pearl...

  2. Yes I did. Hope everyone else did as well. Pearl

  3. Lovely!! Can't wait to try some of these. I like that Amelia Lune's version uses paper beads. I have quite a stash of them!!

  4. This is great! Thank you so much for posting this. I have loved ear cuffs since I was a wee thing, and have often wondered where to find them. Thanks!

  5. Oh you have some cool stuff there!

  6. Cool- had one of these in the Eighties- what is old is new again. Now I feel old.
    All the best for the New Year!!!

  7. Don - you are only as old as you think you are!

    I'm glad people are liking this revival. All the best for the New Year to everyone! Pearl

  8. Cynthia over at Facebook was so quick to make her own!!/photo.php?fbid=10150154457187576&set=o.163064312483

  9. Wow! So nice to find a link to my tutorial here! Thank you!

    For those who like some extra inspiration on some darker ear cuffs, I made an ear cuff exposition on Youtube:

    Feast your eyes and get inspired!

  10. Amelia you are awesome! You have definitely inspired a whole bunch of people!

  11. Maybe I'm crossing the line here, but I made a quality detailed tutorial to make beautiful faerie ear cuffs. I sell them in my Etsy shop, but for a ridiculously low price: only $0,50. It's for sale here:

  12. Not at all, Amelia - it is a wonderful design! Pearl

  13. Very pretty and different than the cuffs made by Susan Henry. I checked out Amelia Lune's link to her etsy shop, ear cuff tutorial. Still can't figure out how she can only charge 50 cents for it since etsy charges 20 cents for the listing plus 3.5 percent commission on the sale, while Paypal's fee is 30 cents for the processing of an order plus a 2.9 percent commission fee on the total order price (including shipping). I noticed Amelia didn't charge any shipping fee, guess this must be a promotional item as she is truly giving it away.

  14. There is no shipping on tutorials as these are usually emailed as pdf documents. But yes, I did wonder on the low price although I agree it does make a good promotional item.

  15. Links on this site no longer work

    1. Thanks for letting me know. This is a very old post so unfortunately some of the sites of the original designers are no longer maintained. Please see other ear cuff tutorials on my blog - use the search box.


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