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Crystal Wave Ear Cuff
Let's Hear It For Ear Cuffs
Part 2 of 2
Ear cuffs may seem like funky informal things to wear but they can be utterly gorgeous and elegant and perfect for more formal occasions. It just takes a special kind of wire jewelry artisan to magically transform bits of wire, beads and gemstones.

Susan Henry of Zannedelions is just that person. Her ear cuffs ( sometimes called ear wraps or clips) are utterly exquisite. Her designs show her creative wire virtuosity in her chosen specialty.

Triple Drop Bridal Cuff
Susan began making her distinctive ear cuffs when she was working as a musician on a cruise ship. She really was designing for the stage and considered them rather elaborate. But the audience just loved her designs and so she started to sell them! Shown here are some of my favorites from her outstanding collection.

Diamond Drop Ear Cuff

Gold Filled Ear Cuffs

Crystal Rhinestone Ear Cuff

There aren't any standard sized ears so ear cuffs require some wire adjustments to custom fit them to the wearer. Watch Susan's video tutorial on how to wear ear cuffs where she demonstrates how to bend the wires just so.

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  1. These are all incredible! I really enjoyed looking through the pictures you featured here. :) Simply inspiring!

  2. Susan will be so pleased to know that! Pearl

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a tutorial on how to wear a piece of jewelry but come to think of it - there have been times I've wondered!
    She's got some pretty cool stuff, I'm going to have to take a peek! If my daughter is thinking about wearing her hair back or up at her wedding - I think an awesome ear cuff (or two) could be really pretty!

  4. Yes, Susan's bridal designs would be perfect for your daughter's wedding!

  5. Susan's designs are heavenly, especially the bridal pearl one (bet that is a favorite with brides to be).
    The very first time I saw an ear cuff was back in 1993 when I watched Star Trek - Deep Space 9 one of the characters, Kira, a Bajoran, wore one. At the time it fascinated me both with its attractiveness and how it managed to keep from falling off. After watching Susan Henry's video I can see that a well adjusted ear cuff is not about to fall off into one's bowl of clam chowder...what a relief ! :)


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