If you're like me, the first thing I do after I am finished with the loaf of bread is to toss the plastic bread tag into the garbage bin. But there are some eco-minded artisans who do not look down at the humble bread tag.

Australian Wizzy Bliss (link no longer available) has collected thousands of bread tags over the years. She has developed a way of molding the tags together to create a unique range of jewelry shown above.


If you look at Heidi Borchers's Bread Tag Jazzy jewelry tutorial, I'll bet bread tags would be far from your mind. But that's exactly what she used.

It's not what you use but what you do with it that results in such eye-catching results. It just takes a creative spark.

If you are wondering, Heidi also included had a solution for the opening at the top of the tag. The other option is to turn the bread tags upside down and drill holes for jump rings (see pendant example here).  My favorite part is how she put together 4 bread tags for each of the earring dangles.

Another imaginative use of bread tags is the tutorial by Crafts by Amanda for these cute bread tag monsters. Don't you think they would make great charms for a child's bracelet or necklace?

So start saving those bread tags!

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