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How to make Angel Hair or Fantasy Fiber Beads

Art Bead by Zeborah Loray
Just the other day, a blog reader emailed me to ask if I could help her find the tutorial she once saw on how to make angel hair fiber beads. So we hunted together on the internet!  The reason why Lacey had so much trouble finding it was due to the different terminology used by different suppliers.

Angel hair fiber is also known as fantasy fiber or Angelina fiber, popular with  crafters for all sorts of projects. It comes in a variety of shimmering colors. The fiber can be cut, woven, glued or heat bonded.

Zeborah Loray's wonderful fantasy bead tutorial shows how an unique art bead can be created. She starts with a paper bead and embellishes it with embossing enamels, fantasy film and fibers.

There is room for all sorts of creative additions to make the beads your own. The result is worth the time. As she says, "Up close, you can see whole galaxies inside these beautiful beads." 

The tutorial that Lacey originally wanted turned out out to be the  Angelina Beads tutorial by Kristal Wick on Beading Daily. You will have to login/sign up with BD (free) to get the pdf download. This how-to does not start with a paper bead like the tutorial above. The bead is formed by rolling up fabric made from the angel hair fiber.

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  1. Thanks again Pearl for all your help the other day. I can't wait to order some and start playing around with this stuff!! My mother-in-law wants me to order some for her too!! She quilts and has come up with some ideas to use the Angel Hair. I love the way certain media can cross into so many different planes of creativity, don't you?

  2. It was a pleasure! I absolutely agree with you - many things can indeed be incorporated into jewelry making with some creativity! Pearl

  3. Wow...I had a look, what a great many possibilities!!!

    Happy holidays to you and yours Pearl!

  4. Happy Holidays to you and yours too, Heather. And for all my readers!

  5. One more thing I've never heard of!


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