Let's Party
Part 1 of 2
Talk about blinged out lips!  Drinking and eating would be a tad difficult but you'll be turning heads at your New Year's party!  I have no idea what glue the fashion photographer, Monica Barrenche used, but I'll bet the model lost a few epidermal layers in the aftermath.

The picture above was one of several Barrenche shot for the "Hidden Steps of Dali" collection in the June 2010 issue of Summus Magazine. She's not alone either. Hot bejeweled lips are well....hot!

Singer Katy Perry's lips were Swarovski adorned - 150 crystals - for Harper Bazaar's limited edition December 2010 cover. If you are a Katy Perry and/or fashion fan, you might like to check out the photo shoot video over at the Harper Bazaar site.

Another photographer, Sabine Liewald shot this spectacular bedazzling fuschia lips in a photoshoot.

If you're wondering about the crystals, you can get either glueless or hot fix flat-backed Swarovski crystals. I prefer mine stuck to jewelry designs, and not on my lips though! For an example, check out my art jewelry Swarovski flower banner earrings.

The Kiss Me Crystal Ring is also another cool alternative to hot bejeweled lips!

More bedazzling looks :
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