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How to Make Bead Project Containers from Recycled Food Cups

Looking for a stocking gift or party favor ideas for children? Or something far more interesting than a bought gift for gift exchanges? Here is a wonderful idea from Mariska who writes the No Time 2 B Bored blog.

Her tutorial shows how to recycle plastic food containers in a most crafty manner. These are the containers typically used for fruit, puddings and on. She filled these containers with the beads and findings needed for a project and created her own lids for them.

Mariska was thinking of children when she came up with her how-to but I think it's a splendid idea for adults too. I'm sure teachers would appreciate something different than the usual sort of gifts they get around Christmas.  An elasticated bracelet project with some basic instructions on a folded piece of paper is doable for most people who may not have the tools to do crimping.

Other gift ideas :

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  1. That's a very cute idea. My little girl would love that, she could help make the lids! It looks like she used color foam shapes for that. Neat!

  2. It's a wonderful family project for sure!

  3. Stretch cord! Which is elasticated. Pearl

  4. This is a really cute idea. This would be cute for those that do the bead swap. And what about those that sell DIY bead kits.

    Love it!!! I always toss my fruit cups in the recycle box, now I will be saving them.

    Oh oh, and the little 2oz & 4oz containers that you get at fast food restaurants with hot sauce, dressing, potatoes, cold slaw, etc. A lot of those aren't recyclable, and I always hated throwing those away maybe they could be recycled like this too. I save them to store beads in some times, if the lids still good.

    Thanks for sharing


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